Advanced Facial Treatments

GENOSYS is a world leading cosmeceutical skincare brand originating in South Korea in 2010. Genosys was developed specifically to find a fundamental solution to address the anti-ageing process by providing powerful treatments and home care products to treat the skin both internally and externally. Bespoke by Olivia provides Advanced Facial skincare treatments to help treat individual skin types and concerns such as;

-Acne, oily skin

-Dry, dull, dehydrated skin


-Anti-wrinkle , loss of firmness


Bespoke by Olivia’s approach is to treat the person as a whole and not just the skin. Therefore, well-being and relaxation are at the forefront of her facial treatments along with creating noticeable changes to the skin.

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Facial Treatments & Prices

Bespoke Genosys Microneedling Facial
£150.00 - Duration 1hr

GENOSYS micro needling treatment uses the NEEDLE PEN-K, an automatic device for microneedling therapy.
It increases the absorption rate of powerful active ingredients by creating half a million micro channels during a 5-10 minute treatment. These physical pathways through the skin, promote collagen and elastin induction through the natural wound healing process. It is collagen and elastin which gives our skin its structure, firmness and elasticity.

Skin benefits of this facial include;

* Softening/reduction of Fine lines &  Wrinkles
* Firming of loose, sagging skin, *Smoothing/refining Acne Scarring
* Skin rejuvenation
* Improved Skin tone
* Lightening/reduction of Hyperpigmentation and Sun spots
* Reduced Pore size
* Increased skin hydration and plumpness.

This facial benefits from a double cleanse, Co2 Mask to prepare the skin before needling, active power solutions tailored to your skin type/concern, décolleté and arm massage, Genosys eye peptide patch, repair cream, spf

Please refer to my Q&A blog or Instagram post to answer any further questions you may have on this treatment.

Epiderma 5 Medical Grade Skin Peel Facial
£88.00 - Duration 50 minutes

Reveal new skin!

Glycolic Acid peels, more commonly known as skin peels or chemical peels are used to remove the outermost layer of the skin that is dull and ready to shed.

The aim of the product is to create ‘controlled injury’ to the skin. This controlled injury creates a healing response from the skin which encourages collagen and elastin production, which is what makes the skin look firm and smooth. The additional benefit of having a skin peel is that it creates an exfoliating effect on the skin, which will reveal younger and fresher looking layers of skin.

This advance facial rejuvenation treatment will treat specific skin concerns such as:

Anti-ageing/age spots
Dull skin that lacks good texture and tone

This advanced skin facial includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, medical grade skin peel, décolleté and arm massage, Genosys Peptide  Mask, Genosys eye peptide gel patch, recovery balm, moisturiser and spf.

Bespoke Genosys Collagen Repair Facial
£88.00 - Duration 1hr

Repair your skin at a deeper level with this bespoke Collagen Repair Facial. Nourish, Hydrate and Renew your skin back to health.

As we age our collagen production reduces. This can make our skin look dull, tired and wrinkles can start to form. It is collagen that gives our skin a firm and youthful look.
This facial uses the aid of galvanic current. The main purpose of Galvanic Current is to force water soluble solutions deeper into the skin infused with skin nourishing ingredients such as botanical extracts that help regenerate and invigorate the skin while softening and moisturizing the face. These skin nourishing ingredients such as, collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid also aid in supporting skin elasticity.

This facial includes a double cleanse, Genosys SRS slow release multi acid soft peel, galvanic current, Genosys Intensive Repair collagen mask, décolleté and arm massage, moisturiser and spf.

Free From Parabens, Mineral oils, SLS, SLES, artificial fragrance

Bespoke Genosys Sea Algae Facial
£88.00 - Duration 1hr

The perfect steam facial for skin in need of a deep cleanse to rebalance, soothe and decongest.

This facial incorporates a microdermabrasion exfoliation, formulated with a blend of natural pumice, glycolic acid and soothing plant botanicals.

Steam, will aid in the opening of pores to extract unwanted comedones (blackheads) and increase blood circulation providing nourishment and hydration to the skin.

We incorporate the use of high frequency within the facial to treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. High frequency stimulates cell renewal and assists with product penetration and absorption by gently warming the tissues of the skin.

GENOSYS soothing sea algae mask provides intensive relief to the skin and moisturizes skin with sea algae complex and centella asiatica, known for its anti-aging and wound healing properties. It helps increase synthesis of collagen and provides antioxidation effect on the skin.

Bespoke Neo Elegance Light Therapy Rejuvenation Facial
£77.00 - Duration 45 minutes

This rejuvenating facial will target specific skin concerns in 20 minutes and restore your skins natural barrier.

LED light therapy or Phototherapy has been widely researched and supported by thousands of published clinical research papers around the world.
This research indicates the remarkable affects light energy delivers to the skin to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic skin conditions.

LED has regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits without creating trauma to the skin, making it safe and suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

It will treat:
Fine lines and wrinkles
Skin rejuvenation
Dry Skin

LED light therapy treats skin at a cellular level and can reverse damage caused to the skin cells due to our environment, sun exposure, medication and natural ageing process.

This facial includes, a double cleanse, exfoliation, led light, facial massage, moisturiser and spf.

Bespoke Soothing Rose Facial
£77.00 - Duration 50 minutes

Naturally revitalise and boost your skin with this soothing wild rose facial using the award winning, organic and cruelty free Neal's Yard Skincare.

In this facial we use soothing rose oil to replenish the skin’s natural moisture levels while helping to protect it from future moisture loss. This facial is perfect for when the cold, dry weather and central heating may take its toll on your skin. It is also an excellent facial to treat your skin during the summer months when your skin may be feeling particularly dehydrated due to excessive sun exposure.

This facial is suitable for all skin types.

This facial includes a refreshing rose wash cleanse, rehydrating rose skin polish to gently exfoliate everyday impurities, soothing wild rose face balm face and décolleté massage to stimulate oxygen to the skin through increased blood circulation and Ethemax Organic Rose Jelly Mask to rehydrate and lock in moisture. This facial will certainly leave your skin with a glorious after glow.

Light Therapy Add On - LED
£25.00 - Duration 20 minutes

A 20 minute Light Therapy treatment can be added to the Micro needling, Collagen, Seaweed and Soothing Rose Bespoke Facials to further enhance your treatments results.

Facial Add On Prices